About the Johns Hopkins Leadership Fellows Program

Founded in 2013, the Leadership Fellows program, originally named the Leadership Forum, was designed to provide a small, prestigious group of Johns Hopkins alumni and friends with the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of and engagement with the institution. Nominated by Johns Hopkins deans and top administrators for possessing the qualities and capabilities needed to provide volunteer leadership at the school or university level, the Leadership Fellows participate in a specialized two-year curriculum that includes two required meetings, an optional seminar/social event, and an optional webinar, each year. Through these meetings and events, Fellows have access to detailed, confidential information about the inner workings of Johns Hopkins, and the opportunity to connect with the university and volunteer leaders responsible for making and supporting strategic decisions and recommendations.

Fellows have direct contact with the university’s president and vice presidents, members of the president’s cabinet, trustees, academic deans, advisory boards and councils, and their Fellows cohort. Through these interactions, Fellows have the opportunity to develop relationships through which they can more completely understand their objectives; offer their own knowledge and insight to help achieve those objectives; refer internal and external partners who could be of service; and provide the energy and resources to help drive initiatives to their successful completion.

Upon successful completion of the program, Fellows are invited to join an advisory board or council, or encouraged to apply their new knowledge and contacts in their existing volunteer role.